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Nuovo post collaborazione!
Oggi vi parlo del brand EasySkinz (clicca QUI!).
"We are EasySkinz, a company with 20 years international experience in advertising and design. EasySkinz is the place where you can find different and unique skins for smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops and game consoles. For those who are seeing this type of product for the first time, we will say, briefly, that this is an extremely effective way to transform your device, make it unique and different , change its colour and at the same time protect it from scratches, dust and dirt.
Made in.We believe that the success of one company occurs when the process is a closed circuit. That’s why we take care of the entire process in our work—from development of design and production of the skins to packaging and delivering them to you. All our products are 100% manufactured in the United Kingdom.
Materials.We, at EasySkinz, work only with the highest quality materials manufactured in Europe and the USA. As we always try to surprise you, amongst our range of products you can see one-of-a kind and unique skins such as our famous 3D Textured CARBON Fibre, 3M exclusive series and Chameleon designs.
Global.We believe in the idea that the world is a small global village. We live in a time in which the mail is fast and secure (often parcels from England to America arrive within 3 days, and can be delivered to Germany in 24 hours). For this reason we offer very swift delivery—to every country in the world—at prices starting under 1 British pound".

L'azienda mi ha gentilmente inviato il seguente articolo:

iPhone 6 Plus ROSE GOLD MATT Metallic Skin (clicca QUI!)

Si tratta di una skin per il lato anteriore e posteriore (compresi i laterali) del vostro smartphone (nel mio caso l'iPhone 6 Plus). 
Ho scelto un bellissimo color oro rosa metalizzato. 
Bisogna fare molta attenzione nell'applicazione (consiglio di vedere il video sul sito dell'azienda). 
Oltre a rendere più bello e particolare il vostro smartphone, lo proteggerà da eventuali graffi.

Ringrazio l'azienda per la gentile collaborazione e vi invito a visitare il sito web di EasySkinz (clicca QUI!).

Di seguito i contatti dell'azienda: 

Instagram: EASYSKINZ 

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