#91 Collaborazione con Sydella (ENG version)

 Hello girls! 
Today I'm going to tell you more about my cooperation with the brand Sydella (for the website click HERE! - for the Facebook page - click HERE!).
The laboratory Sydella is an artisan family business located in the north of the French Provence, characterized by the production of pure essential oils through a specific choice of flowers and vegetable oils. In their natural products, they are not used colorants, preservatives, additives, perfumes and alcohol, contain no animal substances nor tested on animals. The cosmetic formulation is based on three broad categories of natural raw materials: essential oils aromas incomparable - idrolatti or floral waters - vegetable oils and moisturizing sweet. The products that come from manufacturing have all proprierà primary high quality to make benefits and revitalizing tonic.
The company was kind enough to make me choose three products to be tested.
Here's what I chose:

Purifying Cleansing Milk - nutritious blossom Lavender (100 ml - € 10.00 - click HERE!

It is a cleansing milk made from lavender flower water (purifying), apricot kernel oil (moisturizer) and essential oils of geranium pink. And it's suitable for all skin types, it is fluid, not fat, it has to be used with a cotton pad on the entire face and to complete, apply the tonic lotion with lavender or rose.

Impressions: This cleansing milk is very fluid (with a tendency almost liquid). The lavender scent is lovely and very strong (an explosion of lavender fields!). It removes makeup very well and it does not need a large quantity. Absolutely it does not burn the skin, neither the eyes. It's very delicate and fresh on the skin. Useful packaging in order to avoid product waste. In addition, the packaging is also beautiful to see and you can leave it on your beauty station: the packaging is essential but it is made very girlie by the purple label.

Rose Lotion for sensitive and dry skin (100 ml - 10.00 - click HERE!)

It is a tonic to the floral water of lavender and rose, with essential oils of rose, palmarosa, aniba rosy, geranium pink. Effective for sensitive skin and rosacea. And it contains no alcohol, preservatives and colorants.

Impressions: after the removal of my make-up before the moisturizer, I love to spray a few drops of tonic. This is phenomenal. Fresh, fragrant (but without being aggressive): ideal to spray after the phase ''after make-up removal''. Convenient packaging (although very cute and girlie with the pink label) that allows you to spray the product on the entire face in just few seconds. 

Rose nourishing cream (40 g - 20.00 - click HERE!) 

It is a nourishing rose cream for normal to dry skin. Pleasant on the skin and retain moisture.

Impressions: This rose cream (super fragrant) remains very gentle on the skin without making it greasy. It is a lightweight product but at the same time moisturizing and nourishing. Perfect to combat the redness of cold. The packaging in glass jar is very elegant but at the same time, young.

I thank the company for their generous collaboration and here is the contacts the brand if you are interested in their products:

- Sydella

- Website - click HERE!

- Facebook page - click HERE!


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